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This  concept video is used to promote the feature script Letters to Stephanie. The first one-third of the script, which stands alone beautifully, has  been produced by  script-writer Jo-Ann Wilhelm and submitted to 2022 film festivals as "The Ultimate Gift". See Home Page. However, she's seeking the "right" production company to pick up her feature script and turn it into a "Movie of the Week."

The short script and feature script together have won over thirty awards in film festivals and script contests.


Letters CFFFFilm Awards


GENRE: Drama, Family, Inspirational

LOGLINE: A woman whose granddaughter's been placed for adoption leaves clues to her birth family's identity in sealed documents the child has access to when she reaches legal age - meanwhile, she goes about life facing her fears and fulfilling her  dreams.

Jo-Ann "Jody" Bierer Wilhelm

The original Brylcreem man, the late Playwright Mark Weston, was Jo-Ann's writing coach at the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory  in New York City. His advice,  "Write with feelings. If you feel it your readers will feel it too" has really paid off. Her emotionally charged feature script/screenplay "Letters to Stephanie" and her short script "The Ultimate Gift", which is the first one-third of  her feature script, together have won over thirty awards at film festivals and script-writing contests.

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Lenora Livingston

Photos from the concept video used to promote the feature screenplay "Letters to Stephanie" which covers the entire story.

still Joshua and spencer
Abortion Clinid Ominous Tara
l Ian begging Shari
Birth really GOOD


Lenora Livingston
Still Anna and Martin in Garden
still Anna visiting Tara
Lenora Livingston
FCH baby release GOOD