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This  video is used to promote the feature film Letters to Stephanie, which should be completely filmed and edited by the end of September.

The first part of the story is the award winning short film titled The Ultimate Gift, which can be viewed on some free TV networks, including Amazon Fire TV, ROKU and



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GENRE: Drama, Family, Inspirational

LOGLINE: Between 1945-1990, over four million unwed pregnant your women of all races and backgrounds in America sought refuge in Rescue Homes. Rather than be publicly shunned and ridiculed, they lived there in secrecy in exchange for releasing their babies for adoption. This story is about one child  saved from abortion and born under these circumstances.

Jo-Ann "Jody" Bierer Wilhelm

The original Brylcreem man, the late Playwright Mark Weston, was Jo-Ann's writing coach at the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory  in New York City. His advice,  "Write with feelings. If you feel it your readers will feel it too" paid off when writing her emotionally charged scripts.

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Lenora Livingston

Photos from the concept video used to promote the feature screenplay "Letters to Stephanie" which covers the entire story.

still Joshua and spencer
Abortion Clinid Ominous Tara
l Ian begging Shari
Birth really GOOD


Lenora Livingston
Still Anna and Martin in Garden
still Anna visiting Tara
Lenora Livingston
FCH baby release GOOD