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GENRE: Drama, Family, Inspirational

LOGLINE:  When a woman's granddaughter is placed for adoption, Social Services permits her and the birth parents to put letters, without identifiable information in them, in the adoption file that the child will have access to when she reaches legal age. The woman puts clues to the birth family's identity in her letter. She hopes that one day her granddaughter will follow the clues and find her.

CURRENT EVENTS: On March 4th, Letters to Stephanie was released for distribution by Vision video via Redeem TV.  It can be streamed by going to  Films on Redeem TV are free, except for new releases. If you're new  to Redeem TV, then go to "additional donor content". For a minimum donation of $25 you can watch all films, plus new releases for a year.

Also, Letters to Stephanie DVD's can be purchased via Redeem TV.

At a later date to be determined Letters to Stephanie will also be streamed on  Android TV, Apple TV,  Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and other streaming services.




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Jo-Ann "Jody" Bierer Wilhelm

The original Brylcreem man, the late Playwright Mark Weston, was Jo-Ann's writing coach at the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory  in New York City. His advice,  "Write with feelings. If you feel it your readers will feel it too" paid off when writing her emotionally charged scripts.

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