Anna's flashbacks of being raped as a child, makes her realize that, if she doesn't face her fears and follow the dreams that the rapist stole from her, she will always be his victim.




Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Anne Hendricks

This story is wonderful! - a must read. It is fast paced and I found myself actively engaged.! My mouth dropped open. Literally fell open when I saw the chance encounters! Jaw dropped! Great!

Peter Siegrist, Colorado

Most captivating and heart warming. With all the violence around us today, to read about giving, understanding, loving, caring people, there's a reassurance about humanity here.

Amazon Customer

Must read! I couldn't put it down once I started, you've got to know what happens! Such a beautiful and precious story perfect for all ages and genre preferences!

Martha Warren         Sycamore, GA

Where's Stephanie is like sitting with the author having a cup of tea and her telling her story to me. I laughed and I cried. It's wonderful!


For the love of a child - An awesome book written by a grandmother pouring out her love for a granddaughter. One can feel her loss, determination, and joy throughout this full circle of intriguing events.

Allen D.

A good read... Every young person should read this book in their early teens to seriously contemplate the decisions they make before it is too late.

Laura B. Hattersley

This was an amazing story of how love brought family together after being separated after so many years. It was a very touching account of hope, love, and courage. 

Unsung Heroines

A huge multi-generational, multi-locational story deep with drama and emotion, packed into a concise, cohesive package completely clean of maudlin pretense. It lets the reader experience the story for themselves.


Wow!!! Where's Stephanie will pull your heartstrings from beginning to end. A wonderful story and proof of why we should never give up believing and praying. This would make a great movie.

Mark Weston, Playwright, Screen Actors Guild Conservatory, NY

Betcha there's a screenplay or at least a TV special in this one.

Janine Bohon

Where's Stephanie? grabs you on the first page and doesn't let go until the last. It is a truly touching novel with mass and diverse appeal.

Retired Exec.

What a beautiful story of never ending love and hope. Truly an inspiration for anyone who has been searching for a loved one. I would recommend this precious book to everyone. 

Paul Mikos, Lifeway Christian Resources

Lenora's book is sure to inspire individuals or organizations who support or want to share this special message. It shares timeless truth and is a really unique story.

Jody Hansen, Santa Cruz, California

A heartwarming story about life's struggles and the power of love... I enjoyed it completely.

Kerry B.

Where's Stephanie is a great story about love and courageous strength both families demonstrate with the adoption process. I really enjoyed reading this book. 

Elaine Platts

This is one of the most inspiring books I've read in a long time. The author wrote as if she was speaking directly to me as I read this beautiful story of love, patience, and determination to never give up hope.

Jo Ellen Nicholson

Can't say enough about this book. The complete evidence of God's hand weaving his incredible love and protection throughout the lives of these precious people.

Patricia M., Miami, FL

Fantastic true story that you will love. It is a tear-jerker, but only in a positive way, and will reinforce one's belief that prayers really can be answered. 

Amazon Customer

I couldn't stop reading book until I finished it. What an amazing story. It left me in tears many times. It kept me on my toes and I loved the details.

C. Webber

Thought provoking story, an excellent book to read as a family. My children and I discussed the choices made in the book and how each decision had an effect on so many people. 

Cadra H.

A must read! Fantastic book! It is such a heartwarming story with so much love and determination. I highly recommend this book. 


I loved this faith based story. I can't wait to see what Lenora Livingston writes next. 

Kristy H.

Such an inspirational story! Hard to put down once you start reading it. The content makes you want to know what happens next! I highly recommend this book. 


This story shows how our actions change lives, the world is truly a small community, and faith in God, family and ourselves shape our lives. 

Kirkus Indie

Effective drama about the tenacity of family love. 

David Cole

As a social worker who has worked in the adoption field for 30 years, I found this to not only be a lovely and enjoyable book, but an accurate account of the life of an adoption and resulting search.

Joan Palacia, NJ

Fantastic! A quick and fascinating read. Anyone having doubts in the existence of Divine intervention will change their minds after reading about this wonderful journey. A reminder that we should never give up HOPE!